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Repairing the World Group Presents!

Repairing the World Group

In early 2020, a handful of ORH members formed the group Repairing the World to find a way to address social injustices, and together developed a set of guiding principles for moving forward:

  • As a Jewish community that believes in love-based resistance, we seek to confront endemic racial inequities wherever we encounter them.
  • We do this by examining racist ideas and what it means to be anti-racist.
  • Individually and collectively we listen, learn, and take responsibility for embodying an anti-racist culture and practice.
  • Together, we work toward establishing meaningful partnerships with racialized groups and effectively channelling our resolve to bring about racial equity
  • Through our striving to reach a place of repair, we aim to become part of the change we seek.

We were driven by the urgency of addressing anti-Black racism and police violence to listen and learn together as we considered a few critical questions: What does anti-Black racism look like in Canada? What is structural racism and how does it perpetuate inequality? How are we all individually implicated in systemic racism? How do we heal racism within our own Jewish community?

Anti-Racism Resource Library

Repairing the World hosted nine learning events in 2020-2021. The pages linked below are a “starter kit” of educational resources on four broad topics. These pages contain links to books, videos, podcasts, articles, reports, book chapters and more, carefully chosen by our event leaders. We hope you find this material engaging and useful. 

  1.  Anti-black racism in Canada
  2. Structural underpinnings of racism
  3. Owning and talking about racial bias
  4. Healing racism in the Jewish community

Looking for More Diverse Content?

Check out the resource library for our Shavuot 2021 Day of Learning. This year we focused on the term erev rav, commonly translated as "mixed multitude". We invite you to explore the multiple ways we engaged with this term!

Tue, 23 July 2024