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Welcome to Our Community

Connect, belong and be joyful with Or Haneshamah: Ottawa’s Reconstructionist Community!  Our name means Light of the Spirit in Hebrew. We aim to live up to our name by providing light to the spirits of our community members and encouraging them to share that light with others.We are egalitarian and inclusive, with an open door, open hearts and open minds.

We welcome newcomers who are seeking to develop more of a relationship with Judaism or Jewish practices. If you are looking to belong or return to Jewish connection and spirituality, we encourage you to come check us out! You will explore Jewish identity informed by Reconstructionist philosophy and the extended network of Reconstructionist communities.

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton is our dynamic spiritual leader serving as rabbi and cantor. With her guidance, we share traditional rituals, meaningful prayer and meditation, Torah study and joyous song. She brings wisdom and fresh spirit to the wider Jewish community and to interfaith relations .

We provide creative learning opportunities for adults, children and youth. We commit to helping others, and sharing what matters in our lives, our community and our planet. At all times, we seek to help members as individuals, and our community as a collective, to flourish as Jews in the 21st century.

We enthusiastically share the responsibilities that make our community thrive, not only through financial support but also with the intentional commitment of our time towards ritual events, community activities and leadership, each of us according to our abilities and means.

If our community values resonate with you, check us out! We are always thrilled to see new faces. Send your inquiries to

Want to learn more? Check out a history of Or Haneshamah and the Reconstructionist Movement

Sat, 18 May 2024