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BaMa'Gal - OrH's B'nei Mitzvah Group (BMG)

Bnei Mitzvah Group

BaMa'Gal ("in the circle") is our monthly B'nei Mitzvah Group (BMG) for Jewish learning, social activities and support for youth and their families who are planning bar or bat mitzvah. The BMG offers young members of Or Haneshamah and their families a chance to make connections with their peers. Parents and children support one another as each family approaches their bar or bat mitzvah celebration. 

The BMG  is open to all OrH members or prospective members with children (ages 11-13) who are planning either a traditional bar or bat mitzvah at OrH or elsewhere, or an alternative, meaningful Jewish "right of passage" ceremony. BMG families meet monthly at 30 Cleary or in members' homes (depending on the size of the group) to socialize and engage in fun, enlightening Jewish learning activities with Rabbi Liz. Currently the group is meeting via Zoom, or by observing physical distancing requirements. 

See our calendar for upcoming meetings. For more information contact

Enhancing our BMG - presenting The Moving Traditions B-Mitzvah Family Program

ORH is excited to be partnering with Moving Traditions ( to offer an exciting approach to b-mitzvah preparation that connects Jewish wisdom to the interpersonal and social elements of this coming-of-age ritual.

Much like our previous BMG/  Bnei Mitzvah Group activities and learning through games and discussion, the Moving Traditions’ sessions will help parents and pre-teens explore what it means to celebrate this milestone, to be the center of attention during a life cycle ritual, to navigate expectations from friends and family, to find Jewish meaning in the ceremony, as well as exploring other social-emotional challenges and joys associated with the b-mitzvah.  

One added benefit of partnering with Moving Traditions is reflected in the program’s extensive and well-researched background materials along with many interactive web-based tools, as we begin our year continue to meet virtually. In addition, the program is structured for some separate teen and family sessions, so this year Rabbi Liz is delighted to be co-leading with our educator Jenny Burns.

As with BMG, we anticipate families will participate in B-Mitzvah for a 2-year cycle. Our B-Mitzvah Group for 2021-2022 will meet for 8 sessions Sundays 1pm-2:30pm via Zoom on:

October 17, November 21, December 19, January 16, February 20, March 20, May 15, June 19

If your teen is celebrating a B/ar/t Mitzvah in 2022 or 2023, please be in touch with Rabbi Liz at

For event Info please click here

We are grateful to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa for a micro grant enabling us to offer this exciting new program.


Sun, 7 August 2022