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Methods of Payment

Your donation is helping Or Haneshamah grow: Thank you!



Thank you for donating to Or Haneshamah: Ottawa's Reconstructionist Community! We accept three methods of payment. Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that all our donations go towards providing services and programs for beloved members and valued guests alike! 


If you have any questions about payments, or need help with the payment process, please email to our treasurer. If you would like to make a payment for another member's account, please reach out and contact the treasurer, who will guide you through this process.



For instructions on how to make an interac etransfer or where to mail a cheque, please see the bottom of the page.



Our Preferred Method: Pay with Credit Card


It couldn't be simpler! Just fill in the form below and then click on "Continue to Payment" to proceed through the gateway and use your credit card to pay on our site. All credit card information is stored securely.

People With Accounts Pay or Donate Here


Visitors Pay or Donate Here


Payment Details

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Payment Notes



Alternative Method 1 - Pay with Interac eTransfer


Log into your preferred online banking, and navigate to the "Interac eTransfer" section (usually found in Transfers and Payments). You may need to add OrH as a payee before you set up the eTransfer. For payee information, enter the following:

  Name: Or Haneshamah

Enter the amount you wish to donate. Leave the security question and answer fields blank; we are set up to not require them. Click on "send" to complete the donation. 


Alternative Method 2 - Pay with Cheque/Money Order*

Mail your cheque/ money order to the address below. Please include the purpose of payment in the memo field (i.e. membership donation, annual fundraising campaign), along with any relevant dedication information. 

Or Haneshamah
30 Cleary Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2A 4A1

* Please note that this method results in additional 1-2 weeks of processing time

Tue, 23 July 2024