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Or Haneshamah is a vibrant, egalitarian and inclusive Reconstructionist Jewish community with an open door, open hearts and open minds. We welcome LGBTQ+ people, interfaith and multifaith families, and anyone looking to develop more of a relationship with Judaism or Jewish practices, regardless of personal history. If you are searching to belong to or return to Jewish connection and spirituality, we encourage you to come check us out!

OrH welcomes Jews, spiritual seekers, and their loved ones from all corners of the globe and from all cultural traditions and backgrounds. We are actively working to be an antiracist community that reflects and lives into our commitment to social justice and racial justice.

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August 12, 2021

Healing the World

OrH Endorses the UN International Decade for People of African Descent

Or Haneshamah, the Reconstructing Judaism synagogue in Ottawa, Ontario, formally endorses the UN International Decade for People of African Descent. We recognize that structural and attitudinal racism not only harms people of African descent, but also diminishes everyone’s humanity. 

As Jews, we affirm the values of Tikun olam/Geulah (healing the world/redemption), Tzedek (justice/righteousness/social justice), Emet (truth/integrity), Hesed (caring), Rahamim (reaching out toward others in support and solidarity), Pikuach Nefesh (saving a life), and Teshuvah (acceptance of responsibility for wrongs done, including those done to people of African descent, and committing to change our behaviour).

As a congregation, we commit:
• to educate our congregation about the historical and ongoing structural and attitudinal racism which blights the lives of Black people,
• to adapt our religious and secular practices to better value, include, and welcome Jewish and non-Jewish people of African descent, and
• to take action to end structural and attitudinal racism.

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Tue, 26 October 2021