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words of the spirit bannerHappy Living in "Two Civilizations"

10/29/2019 08:14:22 PM

And now, for something completely … regular.
We say farewell to Tishrey 5780 the same week that we welcome (regard with annoyance? celebrate? ignore?) Halloween. Because nothing says the Jewish fall festivals are over more clearly than the proliferation of skeletons, ghosts, and the creepy spray stuff that covers doorways and shrubs.
My view of Halloween? Two thumbs up, because it doubles the number of times...


Learn about Or Haneshamah's weekly Machaneh Shabbat for children (ages 4-13).

Machaneh Shabbat (Shabbat Camp) is an inclusive, family-based weekly Jewish learning adventure providing an in-depth Jewish education for families with children of all ages. Welcoming the participation of parents, grandparents, and younger siblings, our camp model allows us to explore Torah, prayer, Hebrew and the Jewish year through field trips, drama, art, social action, cooking, building and more! We believe that we can ignite the lifelong spark for Jewish living and learning through community connection and taking the time to live Jewishly especially on Shabbat. This spark is the key to raising engaged and informed Jewish young people!


Visit the Machaneh Shabbat page or contact for more information.

Wed, November 20 2019 22 Cheshvan 5780