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Shabbat Morning Torah Service
Saturday, June 6, 10:30am
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Chanting and Chocolate
Sunday, June 7, 7:30pm
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A Special Message From Rabbi Liz to the OrH Community

May 12, 2020

When we first began to put our services, programs and events on line, it seemed like we were embarking on an unbidden yet short-term adventure. It has become abundantly clear that the new realities imposed by the international COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for a long while.


It’s important to say, up front, that we are being confronted by a multitude of losses, and that with loss comes grief. As individuals, as citizens, as family members, and as a part of a community not able to gather, we are missing out on one of the things we do so well together, in person. At the same time, over the past few weeks I have witnessed and participated in extraordinarily supportive and comforting gatherings through “the screen” for shiva minyanim and funerals.


As awkward as it may sound ...         


words of the spirit bannerDifferent - and the Same

05/25/2020 08:09:07 PM

This coming Shabbat has at least two dates: May 30th on the Gregorian calendar, and the 7th of Sivan on the Hebrew calendar. What else comes in twos this last Shabbat in May, the first Shabbat following the Omer period? It also has two Torah portions.

This is a distinction that is different from the “double-parshah” scenario that applies to seven different pairs of Torah portions. A year has 52 weeks, the Torah has 54 portions....


Learn about Or Haneshamah's weekly Machaneh Shabbat for children (ages 4-13).

Machaneh Shabbat (Shabbat Camp) is an inclusive, family-based weekly Jewish learning adventure providing an in-depth Jewish education for families with children of all ages. Welcoming the participation of parents, grandparents, and younger siblings, our camp model allows us to explore Torah, prayer, Hebrew and the Jewish year through field trips, drama, art, social action, cooking, building and more! We believe that we can ignite the lifelong spark for Jewish living and learning through community connection and taking the time to live Jewishly especially on Shabbat. This spark is the key to raising engaged and informed Jewish young people!


Visit the Machaneh Shabbat page or contact for more information.

Sat, June 6 2020 14 Sivan 5780