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To inquire about membership or to arrange to join, please contact our membership coordinator by sending an email to or by phoning us at 613-239-4988. Note: an account must be created before you can register. Once you receive instructions on how to create an account, visit the new member registration page here or at the link under the "join us" menu above.

Our Many Hands Membership Model

When we offer of ourselves, our time, our hearts, our ideas, to our beloved community, we are participating in acts that are radical and spiritual, classical and contemporary, personal and communal. We are doing what we have always done, ledor vador, from generation to generation, yet with a clear-eyed view from the 21st century.
- Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton

As members of Or Haneshamah, we are partners with our Rabbi in the hands-on work of creating a vibrant and engaging experience of Reconstructionist Judaism.

To ensure that the work needed to sustain that experience is balanced among all members, we utilize a Many Hands approach. Each member decides which of five teams to join: Our rituals group of teams – Shabbat, Tishrey and Festivals – are open to all members; A technical support team is open to all members but limited to 10 people. The Manhigut team is limited to members who at the time of registration hold the lead, chair or coordinator positions for recurring and year-to-year activities that uphold us as community. Descriptions of each team can be found here.

In joining a team, each member commits to giving 10 hours towards making happen one or more of the ritual events for which their team is responsible. When the team's events require less than 10 hours of a member's time, they can volunteer for other tasks or organize other activities. The more faithfully members contribute 10 hours over the course of the year, the more OrH can offer its members individually and as a community. The Team Coordinator will help members to contribute according to their abilities, and there are how-to guides for events on the  OrH Resource Hub to make participating simple and straightforward.

Learn more about the Many Hands Teams here.


New Member Donation Rates


New Full Membership

One-adult household $520
Two-adult household $1,040

New Full Membership - with child
registered in Machaneh Shabbat

One-adult household $355
Two-adult household $710

Student Membership

One-adult household $36
Two-adult household $72

Associate Membership

One-adult household $105
Two-adult household $210
In addition to our recommended donation rates, members have the option to make a self-defined donation, either above or below the recommended amounts. We ask everyone to choose a donation level that respects the membership and clergy that uphold our community, and at the same time, corresponds responsibly to personal circumstances. If you have questions or concerns about our membership, please contact our membership coordinator at We keep all inquiries confidential.
All member donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.


Membership Categories and Privileges


Full Membership

Full membership is based on family households and includes all children under age 23. We offer new members a discount from our usual membership donation. Privileges include: sharing and participation in all OrH activities and events; High Holy Days services at no additional cost and may include immediate family members at the High Holy Days at significantly reduced fees; spiritual and pastoral support from the Rabbi; Rabbi officiation at all life-cycle events that occur during regularly scheduled services; full voting rights at congregational meetings and may sit on the OrH Board; and access to Jewish Memorial Gardens.    

Full Membership - with child registered in Machaneh Shabbat
We offer a discount of 50% off our regular membership donations to households who enroll their children in our Machaneh Shabbat (Shabbat Camp) program. Visit our Machaneh Shabbat page for further information.

Also note that we will apply any High Holy Day visitor donations to a new full membership if you wish to join after trying us out during the holidays.
OrH Full Members receive a 20% discount on a first-time membership to the Soloway Jewish Community Centre (SJCC). Note to current JCC members seeking a reciprocal discount on first-year OrH membership: The first-year member donation rates above reflect a discount of more than 25% off our regular member donation rates. We do not add an additional discount onto the already discounted first-year rate. 

Student Membership

Students attending a secondary or post-secondary education program are eligible for student membership. Student members receive the same privileges as Full Members.


Associate Membership

Associate membership is only available to members of other Ottawa congregations or those who live more than 100 km from Ottawa. Associate membership does NOT include high holy day services or any other privileges granted to Full members.
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