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Structural Underpinnings of Racism

Resources in this section were curated from the Repairing the World sessions on Structural Underpinnings of Racism (Oct 6, 2020) and How to be an Anti-Racist (Apr 6, 2021)

Session Resources

See the slides shown to the group for the How to be an Anti Racist presentation

Read the presentation notes for the How to be an Anti Racist session.

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson

Read a summary of the award-winning book!

Listen to an interview with Matt Galloway on CBC's The Current

Watch Isabel Wilkerson discuss her book and its exploration of America's 'shape-shifting, unspoken' caste system with Northwest African American Museum.

Buy a copy of Caste for yourself! Recommended by Oprah and OrH alike.

Listen to the author discuss her work on the Ezra Klein show

How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

Watch Ibram X. Kendi explain why being not being racist isn't enough; we must be anti-racist. 

Explore the Aspen Ideas Festival session on How to be an Anti-Racist, where Kendi is interviewed by Jemele Hill, a staff writer at The Atlantic.

Listen to an interview with BrenĂ© Brown (author of Dare to Lead) about racial disparity, policy and equality! Prefer to read? Check out the transcript of the interview. 

Looking for More?

Check out some of the other content curated by our Repairing the World group!

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