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Owning and Talking About Racial Bias

Resources in this section were curated from the Repairing the World sessions on Psychological Underpinnings of Racism (Dec 1, 2020), White Fragility and Supremacy (Feb 2, 2021) and So You Want to Talk about Race (May 4, 2021)

Session Resources

See the slides shown to the group for the So You Want To Talk About Race presentation.

Read the presentation notes for the So You Want To Talk About Race session.

Read summaries of How White People Enact Racism, and Guidelines for Allies, two articles written by Barbara J. Love.

Read an article about how changing social norms is the key to addressing racism.

Biased by Jennifer Eberhardt

See the slides shown to the group for the discussion around Biased and the psychological underpinnings of racism.

Watch a TED Talk with Jennifer Eberhardt about how racial bias works, and how to disrupt it

Buy a copy of Biased for yourself!

Read an article in Science Magazine about Eberhardt's work exploring the effect of unconscious bias on societal interactions. 

Read a summary of the book

Next Big Idea Club: Jennifer Ebenhardt talks with Daniel Pink

Part One:

Part Two:

National Equity Project

Visit the National Equity Project's website and learn more about their goals!

Read the report that they released on Implicit Bias and Structural Inquity.

See how structural racism and implicit bias form a feedback loop.

Hugh Vasquez talks about how to understand and interrupt the impact of implicit bias.

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Watch a conversation with Robin DiAngelo, hosted by Darlene Flynn, the City of Oakland's Race and Equity Director.

Listen to an interview on NPR with the author about white fragility and anti-racism.

Read a summary of the best-selling book!

Listen to an episode of On Being with Robin DiAngelo and Minneapolis-based trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem.

Or why not purchase a copy?

So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Read a summary of the book.


Or buy it yourself!

Check out Ijeoma Oulo's Wikipedia page.

Watch Ijeoma Oluo give a talk at the Washington School of Public Health about her book on the racial landscape of America.

Watch Ijeoma Oluo and her brother Ahamefule J. Oluo in conversation about the paths they've taken in life for Town Hall Seattle.

More From the Author

Check out Ijeoma Oluo's talk with Google about why it's so hard to discuss race, and why it must be done anyway.



Ijeoma Oluo as the 2019 MLK Celebration keynote speaker.


Watch her speak at the 2018 XOXO festival about her book that shifts the burden of explaining difficult conversations around systemic inequality from people of color onto white audiences,

A Conversation with Seattle Colleges Cable Television

Looking for More?

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