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Healing Racism in the Jewish Community

Resources in this section were curated from the Repairing the World sessions on People of Color and/in the Jewish Community (Dec 7, 2020), and Healing Racism in the Jewish Community (March 2, 2021)

Session Resources

Read a series of articles concerning racism in the Jewish community. Written by a variety of Reconstructionist authors, these works explore the need for Jewish spaces to become more explicitly anti-racist.

Check out the slides shown to the group for the Healing Racism in the Jewish Community presentation!

Read the presentation notes for Healing Racism in the Jewish Community.

Discussing Racism in Jewish Communities

Watch Ilana Kaufman talk about the need to address racism and the concept of "who counts".

In a follow-up piece, Ilana Kaufman and ELI Talks get into presenting possibilities for communities who are looking to engage more deeply in racial justice. 

Additional Readings

Rabbi Joshua Lesser has written an excellent article about creating guidelines for community encounters for EVOLVE, an initiative of Reconstructing Judaism that looks to create groundbreaking Jewish conversations. 

Looking for More?

Check out some of the other content curated by our Repairing the World group!

  1.  Anti-black racism in Canada
  2. Structural underpinnings of racism
  3. Owning and talking about racial bias
  4. Healing racism in the Jewish community


Reconstructing Judaism hosts an ongoing series on Jews, Race and Religion with a plethora of written and recorded resources

Explore the concept of Radical Inclusion with Aurora Levins Morales on Reconstructing Judaism's EVOLVE website.

Watch our 2020 Human Rights Shabbat with Rabbi Sandra Lawson!

Stay tuned! We are working to bring you a series based on our 2021 Shavuot celebration!

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