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Anti-Black Racism in Canada

Resources in this section were curated from Repairing the World sessions on the History of Anti-Black Racism in Canada (Nov 9, 2020) and Anti-Black Racism in Canada: Current Situation (Feb 2, 2021)

Session Resources

See the slides shown to the group for the History of Anti-Black Racism presentation

Read the fact sheet for the History of Anti-Black Racism session

Policing Black Lives by Robyn Maynard

Read Chapter 3: Arrested (In)Justice

Buy a copy of Policing Black Lives

Watch Robyn Maynard discuss race, repression, and resilience with Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah

Resisting Gendered State Violence Across Turtle Island: Cross-Border Solidarity Against Anti-Blackness

Robyn Maynard, author of Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present (Fernwood 2017), in conversation with Andrea Ritchie, discussing similarities and differences in histories, tactics, modes, and consequences of state violence targeting Black communities in the U.S., Canada and at the border, articulating critical questions and strategies for cross-border solidarity, organizing, and resistance in the current political moment.

The Skin We're In by Desmond Cole

Watch a CBC doc based on Desmond Cole's work!

Buy an ebook copy of The Skin We're In

Read a review of the book

Remember Africville

In the 1960s, black families living in Africville, Nova Scotia were uprooted and their homes demolished in the name of urban renewal and integration. More than 20 years later, the site of the community of Africville is a stark, under-utilized park. Former residents, their descendants and some of the decision-makers speak out and, with the help of archival photographs and films, tell the story of that painful relocation.

Intersections of Identity in Politics with Annamie Paul

Suggested Reading

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