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Report on 2015 Annual Fundraising Drive

We are pleased to report that our 2015 Annual Fundraising Drive has been quite successful. As of December 31, we have raised just over $20,000 from member donations.

Our budget for this fiscal year includes an expectation of $22,500 from fundraising and we set an ambitious goal of $25,000 before we launched the campaign in November. Though we have failed to reach that target during the 5-week fundraising drive we believe that donations over the rest of the year will meet or exceed our budget expectations.

From the five-year pledge donations that we received last year, all but one maintained their commitment this year. We also received above-average donations ($250 or more) from many other households, including several new ones. Our donation breakdown was as follows:
    $3,600                 1 household
    $1,800                 5 households
    $1,000                 1 household
    $   800                 1 household
    $   600                 1 household
    $   500                 3 households
    $250 - $499        8 households
    $100 - $249      11 households
    $18 - $99           11 households

We are extremely grateful for our donors’ commitment to Or Haneshamah and for their willingness to make our congregation a priority in their charitable giving.

Another positive area was the participation rate: 41 of our 99 households have contributed thus far, which is 50% more than the 27 that donated last year. However, please remember that it’s never too late to donate – we welcome financial donations throughout the year.

Special appreciation goes out to those who assisted with the fundraising drive, particularly the current and former board members who made calls to member households.

On behalf of our entire community, thank you to everyone who donated to the 2015 Fundraising Drive. Our board firmly believes that we continue to be at a moment of great opportunity for Or Haneshamah and we will judiciously deploy the resources that you have made available to enrich our congregational lives.

Your Board of Directors

Wed, July 18 2018 6 Av 5778