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What time is it

10/20/2013 09:35:04 PM


What time is it – what Jewish time, that is? Why ask? Is it because once the big holidays are over, we wonder what we can meaningfully do in Jewish time? The rhythm of the year has shifted to its slow, cool groove, so – it’s time to revisit the basics: take a breath, say thanks, and re-turn again.

Take a breath: re-boot whatever practices remind you of well-being for yourself, your friends and family, the wider world; think about joining in the Jewish Buddhist Retreat (see: Heart of Gratitude!)
Say thanks: since many of us just enjoyed Thanksgiving feasting, or adopted a turkey instead, try adopting an attitude of gratitude; take saying thanks to a daily level. (see: life; any prayer book!)
Re-turn again: this week’s Torah portion brings us right back to the beginning-of-our-story stories. At this Shabbat’s service, we’ll hear again about Abraham and Sarah – from the same portion heard on Rosh Hashanah – this time, with a fresh new angle from our newest “adult” member (see: Bar Mitzvah!).
Happy post-Thanksgiving and pre-shabbat to all!

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Sh'vat 5781