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01/10/2017 06:43:20 PM


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Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 18 January 2022

18/01/2022 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
18 January 2022
A Hint of Spring in the Middle of Winter

Spring? How can we be talking about spring underneath all this snow? Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 5 January 2022

05/01/2022 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
5 January 2022
A Fresh Start

January - oh, January. For many of us, this month may feel less like a “fresh start” and moreRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 21 December 2021

21/12/2021 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
21 December 2021
The End of the Calendar Year

Well, we have made it to the end of December. It looks a little different to us Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 7 December 2021

07/12/2021 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
7 December 2021
December Sparkle

Ah, the snow has arrived! We will enjoy the charm of the season before we start to get grouchRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 23 November 2021

23/11/2021 10:30:20 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
23 November 2021
We Like This Season a Latke

Forgive us… But there is nothing quite like a good pun to begin a newsletter. Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 10 November 2021

10/11/2021 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
10 November 2021
A Crisp November

Time is flying. How is it possible that Hanukkah is a few weeks away? Wasn’t it just the Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 12 October 2021

12/10/2021 10:30:05 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
12 October 2021
A Beautiful Season

Is there anything better than these warm autumn days? Possibly not. We will soak them in whRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 14 September 2021

14/09/2021 10:30:05 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
14 September 2021
Shana Tova!

We made it. What a pleasure to see you all at our High Holy Day services! The mix of familiar anRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 31 August 2021

31/08/2021 10:30:22 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
31 August 2021
Take a Breath

It’s that time of year. Renewal and reflection are so close that we can almost taste the honey.Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 17 August 2021

17/08/2021 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
17 August 2021
Summer Rush

While we usually slow down a bit during the summer, the OrH board has been keeping busy, so strap iRead more...
Sat, 25 June 2022