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01/10/2017 06:43:20 PM


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Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 26 October 2022

26/10/2022 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
26 October 2022
Autumn Warmth

Let us enjoy the stunning weather while we can - and when it gets truly chilly, we can cozy up aRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 11 October 2022

11/10/2022 10:30:20 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
11 October 2022
A House With Stars

Before we get to anything else, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who came to our Rosh HashanaRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 24 September 2022

24/09/2022 10:30:36 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
24 September 2022
Hearts Open

Friends, we are here! Shanah tovah u'metuka to you all - a sweet new year is in the making. We Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 13 September 2022

13/09/2022 10:39:50 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
13 September 2022
Teshuvah Begins

We are nearly there - the next newsletter you read will be nestled in the Days of Awe, our Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 31 August 2022

31/08/2022 10:30:20 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
31 August 2022
Crisp Air

Is it too soon to mention that we have seen the occasional leaf on the ground? Perhaps. Pretend we saRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 16 August 2022

16/08/2022 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
16 August 2022
Loud and Proud

Friends, that static excitement in the air is the promise of good things to come. Pride - and PrRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 20 July 2022

20/07/2022 05:01:05 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
20 July 2022
Sweet Summer

Do you wait all year for these luxuriously long days? We sure do. Speaking of which - Kabbalat ShabbRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 28 June 2022

28/06/2022 10:30:20 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
28 June 2022
AGM goodness

What an AGM we had! Thank you to everyone who joined us. There is a quick summary below, but please Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 14 June 2022

14/06/2022 10:45:05 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
14 June 2022

This has been an extremely tumultuous few weeks for our community. We hosted joyful celebrations for SRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 24 May 2022

24/05/2022 10:30:21 PM


Biweekly Newsletter
24 May 2022
Wake of the Storm

The storm that tore through our city over the weekend was shockingly destructive - we hope thoseRead more...
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