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10/01/2017 06:43:20 PM


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Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 27 November 2019

11/27/2019 10:31:06 PM


Weekly Newsletter
27 November 2019
Words of the Spirit
Filling in the Missing Pieces of Sarah's Life

Should we be surprised that a parasha enti

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 19 November 2019

11/19/2019 10:30:36 PM


Weekly Newsletter
19 November 2019
OrH Annual Campaign

We have just launched our 2019 Fundraising campaign and urge everyone to contribute what Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 12 November 2019

11/12/2019 10:30:36 PM


Weekly Newsletter
12 November 2019
OrH Hanukkah Party Date Change

We wanted to alert you to an important change of date: the annual OrH community Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 6 November 2019

11/06/2019 10:30:06 PM


Weekly Newsletter6 November 2019 Shabbat Project Nov 15-16To mark this year’s annual Shabbat Project (, we would likRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 29 October 2019

10/29/2019 10:30:37 PM


Weekly Newsletter
29 October 2019
Words of the Spirit
Happy “Living in Two Civilizations”
And now, for something completely … regular.

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 22 October 2019

10/22/2019 10:30:06 PM


Weekly Newsletter
22 October 2019
Roots and Reflections

The first Roots and Reflections session takes place on Sunday, November 3. Roots and RefleRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 15 October 2019

10/15/2019 10:40:05 PM


Weekly Newsletter
15 October 2019
Rabbi’s Words of the Spirit
Shelter for All
As a young Jewish Canadian kid, Thanksgiving was, well, nonexRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 1 October 2019

10/01/2019 10:30:34 PM


Weekly Newsletter
1 October 2019
High Holy Days information
We look forward to welcoming our members and guests to our Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Read more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 24 September 2019

09/24/2019 10:30:35 PM


Weekly Newsletter24 September 2019 Words of the Spirit A Light New Change For some of us, this time of year evokes memories of new school itRead more...

Or Haneshamah Newsletter - 17 September 2019

09/17/2019 10:30:35 PM


Weekly Newsletter17 September 2019 Selihot Salon Each Selihot, in preparation for the Days of Awe ahead, we consider what is important to us. Read more...
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