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Join in and help us raise essential funds for our congregation

Each year, we run an annual campaign asking for donations to Or Haneshamah. While our members already contribute generously through their membership costs, many people don’t realize that membership renewal only covers about half of our yearly expenses. As a small synagogue largely run by volunteers, every donation counts. The annual fundraising campaign is the reason we are able to provide such excellent programming all year round. With your help, we can continue to do what we love as we delve back into the world of in-person events and celebrations. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we thank you for supporting this wonderful community.

You're invited to pay what you can. To help you decide how much you would like to contribute, we have put together a list with examples based on the average costs of Or Haneshamah's expenses. Your donations could help us with essential things like supplies, honorariums, and even rent. You may also donate a custom amount if you so wish. All donations made are eligible for an official donation receipt.


If you wish to donate a custom amount, select "Custom Amount" from the dropdown menu above and enter your desired donation in the "Custom Donation" box below. You may also donate over and above your chosen level by adding the additional amount in the "Custom Donation" box; the total will appear below in the "Total Donation" box.


Wed, 17 April 2024