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From the Rabbi - Words of the Spirit

Digesting Passover

04/26/2016 08:40:02 PM

Pesah and the Seder experiences brings up associations - food, family, freedom, more food - while at the core there is a less easily digestible concept: redemption. What is exchanged at this season, as we mark the redemptions of the Exodus narratives? Can we redeem ourselves from our what captures, drains and diminishes our attention? Can we return to the telling and to these days - for this season is a kind of teshuvah/renewal season, like that of the high holy days - and glean meaningful inspiration? 

For me, the durable experience is of the holiday is one of simplicity. In limiting the types of food, in using the special structure of the hagadah to narrate our people's saga of liberation, I'm called to return to what is essential, to strip away the fripperies and gee-gaws of distraction and waste. Staying away from hametz becomes a means to pay attention, to value what it really takes to keep us wholly, freely alive.

May what is truly important be made more clear to you and this season, and may your experiences of Passover and the seder be filled with nourishment, companionship and renewal. 

Hag sameah

-Rabbi Liz


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Thu, 5 May 2016 27 Nisan 5776