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From the Rabbi - Words of the Spirit

Elul-Tishrey Message II

17/08/15 11:09:15 PM

During the Jewish months of Elul and Tishrey, I invite you to take each of four themes, and consider them in your thoughts, conversations or rituals. They represent the three simplest essentials of prayers, with a fourth seasonally-specific one: PLEASE. THANKS. YAY! FORGIVE ME. 

Thanks: the very first word in the litany of daily Jewish prayer; one of the two “magic” words we remind children to use; a word that can sometimes be difficult to utter, and sometimes, so simple.

“We thank you for our lives entrusted to your hand, our souls placed in your keeping, and your wonders and good things that are with us every hour, morning, noon, and night …bekhol yet, erev vavoerk vetzohorzyim.” (HODA’AH/THANKS from the Amidah.)

How marvelous it would be if we were indeed to acknowledge daily, in some internal or external fashion, the quotidian miracles of our lives.  While it is a truth for many of us that an unbidden trauma often calls up our awareness of and gratitude for those “little” things, it is also a truth that we are each capable of magnifying and lauding those very things on a daily basis.

To a friend – say thanks. For leaders (good, trusted ones) – offer appreciation. In health and for healing; at the rising of the sun, and for a safe slumber; for first times, for old times – acknowledge them all.

Next week:  thoughts on our third theme. Shabbat shalom, and enjoy the full moon of Elul!

— Rabbi Liz


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