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Or Haneshamah - Ottawa's Reconstructionist Community

Observe the High Holy Days at OrH

Or Haneshamah welcomes our members and non-members to its upcoming High Holy Day services. With the spiritual and musical leadership of Rabbi Liz Bolton, OrH offers an inviting, participatory, and meaningful way to enter the Jewish New Year. From Selichot through to Simchat Torah, our services will feed your soul and stimulate your intellect.

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Shabbat Camp For All Ages!

Come see what you are missing! Hang out with your family in a social camp atmosphere every Shabbat morning and meet everyone's Jewish needs at the same time! A unique and meaningful Jewish education experience!

Machaneh Shabbat runs Saturday mornings from 9:45 am to 12:45 pm, September to June, for school-age children and families with younger children. Enrolment is ongoing.

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From the Rabbi - Words of the Spirit

New Moon, New Year, New Dance

27/09/16 08:49:32 PM

Soon, the crescent moon of Tishrei will appear above our heads.

We are drawn to peer into space, as if towards the distant stars, to discern what we may encounter in the months ahead of us in the year 5777.

The year will start with the appearance of the slimmest horn of light. Yet it is the second beginning for us. As citizens living in two civilizations, Jewish and civic, we have already been to one such bash. This time around, we use the shofar shape in the sky as our invitation to the dance.

It’s unusual, to take time away from the clamour of ordinary activities to clear off the detritus of the past year, to allow ourselves another go round the floor, another opportunity to renew our behaviors, relationships, and intentions.

Look up, this coming Sunday night, and look in. It’s a moment to embrace, before all of the year’s possibilities unfurl themselves.

To have a community in which we can pause and step into the new year together, is a blessing. We approach a month filled with fasting and festivity, with a particularly exceptional opportunity to celebrate what connects us as a congregation to the congregations around us and to our ancient, contemporary and future Jewishness as a people.

Shana tova umetuka. May it be a year of sweetness and health, of countless joys, and delight in life and in each other.

- Rabbi Liz

Wed, 28 September 2016 25 Elul 5776