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Introducing Guf Va’Nefesh – Body-Mind-Spirit Integration Classes

ORH member Tana Saler leads a monthly class that explores the connections between body and mind.

Guf Va’Nefesh means literally Body and Mind (Soul). Simply expressed, your mind (thoughts and emotions) affects your body (i.e. posture, breathing, muscle tension) and your body state affects your state of mind. Experiencing and truly understanding the mind-body continuum has practical life applications, Tana demonstrates, for health, relationships, well-being, creativity and more. The goal of the workshops is for participants to acquire self-awareness and self-regulation skills for more peaceful, fulfilling and effective living.

When and where: first Wednesday of the month, September to June, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Room 5, Unitarians.

First class is Wednesday, September 5th.

Outline: Participants will engage in gentle movement, verbal and non-verbal interaction, conscious breathing styles and visualization. Each class will have a life theme – including health, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Tana will bring Jewish concepts such as Chesed (Mercy) and Gevura (Justice) to an embodied experience, and their applications to real life.

The classes will explore personal and inter-personal development in a Jewish context, translating concepts to direct, embodied experience, towards a deepening of personal fulfillment and community connection.

Benefits to participants include:

  • Developing ways to increase a sense of personal peace and well-being
  • Acquiring life-applicable tools for connecting more harmoniously with people
  • Increased resilience and reduce fragility in the face of adversity
  • Learn effective stress-management strategies

Classes are intended to cultivate compassion and effectiveness in the community and are likely to foster bonding among the participants

Style: Tana’s presentation style is exploratory, playful and humorous. Her teaching style is participatory and experiential, and instructions are given in a clear, specific, and easily doable manner.

Fees: None. Tana offers her work as a volunteer contribution to our community.

About Tana: Tana Saler has close to 20 years of experience as a healing facilitator, coach and integration trainer. She is a Reiki Teaching Master, personal development program leader, presenter and blogger.

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