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Guf Va'Nafesh bannerGuf Va’Nefesh – Body-Mind-Spirit Integration Classes

ORH member Tana Saler leads an experiential monthly class that explores the practices and applications of the body-mind connection.
Guf Va’Nefesh means literally Body and Mind (Soul). 
Mental states, emotional states and state of the body are three different names for the same thing: the internal environment of your experience. Thoughts affect the body, immediately and long-term; the body condition, shape, posture, tension etc, affects the quality of thoughts and emotion. 
Experiencing and truly understanding the mind-body continuum has practical life applications for health, relationships, well-being, creativity, leadership, productivity and more. The scope of the Guf Va’Nefesh classes is the cultivation of embodied awareness, self-regulation skills and embodied leadership and influence.

When and where: Following the High Holidays. the first Wednesday of the month through June 2020, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Room 5, Unitarians.

Beginning April 1, meetings will take place via Zoom at:

During these trying times the Guf Va'Nefesh Body-Mind sessions will respond to our increased need to overcome anxiety and stay calm, build health and resilience, and stay connected with each other as a community. Each session will bring activities for nervous system regulation, exercises for strengthening the body's resilience, and community sharing.



Benefits to participants include:

* Developing embodied self-awareness
* Cultivating embodied “other” awareness and greater presence in relationships
* Learning useful practices for greater presence and influence in leadership
* Acquiring life-applicable tools for connecting more harmoniously with people
* Practicing embodied conflict resolution skills
* Increased resilience and reduce fragility in the face of adversity
* Learn effective stress-management strategies

Classes are intended to cultivate compassion and effectiveness in the community and are likely to foster bonding among the participants

Style: Tana’s presentation style is exploratory, playful and humorous. Her teaching style is participatory and experiential, and instructions are given in a clear, specific, and easily doable manner.

Fees: None. Tana offers her work as a volunteer contribution to our community.

About Tana: Tana Saler has close to 20 years of experience as a healing facilitator, coach and integration trainer. She is a Reiki Teaching Master, personal development program leader, presenter and blogger.

Tana’s regular practices include mindfulness meditation, dancing, singing/chanting, QiGong, improv, and dog walking. Among her influencers are Ken Wilber and the AQAL Integral Model for the evolution of consciousness; Goenka (Vipassana); Shinzen Young (mindfulness meditation); Paul Linden for embodiment and recovery from trauma and abuse using Aikido; Grinberg method (bodywork); Gendlin - Focusing among others.

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